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5 Signs That Your Partner is Cheating On You

3 August 2011 No Comment

If you suspect that your partner is having an affair, here are five warning signs that could confirm your suspicion is true. This is meant to be a quick list of the most common warning signs, but doesn’t necessarily mean 100% they are cheating.

1) Suddenly coming home late from work: This is one of the major signs many husbands and wives look for, and one of the big signs that something is going on.

2) Unusual charges to your credit cards:  If you start to notice strange charges to your credit cards, things that just look out of place, this is a clear sign something could be going on.

3) Spending an unusual amount of time on a computer: A cheating spouse will tend to spend more time on their computer in order to secretly chat with, or email their lover. Keep an eye on their computer use and watch for an unusual activity.

 4) Going out more than usual: If your spouse has always been a “stay at home” type person, then suddenly wants to go out more often, this is another warning sign. 

5) Secretly talking on the phone a lot: If your spouse always seems to walk out of the room while talking on their cell phone, or perhaps take your dogs out for a walk (alone), while carrying their cell phone, then this is another big sign you could have a cheating spouse on your hands.

One important thing to keep in mind, is that even though you might notice some or all of these signs, it really doesn’t mean your spouse is cheating . These are just the most common signs, based on numerous cheating spouse surveys and studies found online.

To be absolute sure if you’re an unfortunate victim of cheating, you will need to purchase cheating spouse software such as spy phone software, so you can secretly see what they are doing on their cell phone, or even SIM card spy tools that enable you to retrieve text messages.  All of these will help you, get actual evidence before you confront them.

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