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A Brief Introduction To Cloud Computing

23 May 2011 No Comment

With the anticipated launch of Google’s Chrome operating system and Apple and Microsoft not far behind cloud is going to be bigger than ever in 2011, businesses all over the world are realising the value of what migrating over to the cloud can do for their business so it’s probably about time your business thought about it too. First off you need to start with a good clear understanding of what exactly the cloud is. There are several definitions of what cloud is but at it’s most basic the cloud is the Internet and the idea is to move all you computing needs online. The easiest way to understand something is to apply it to real life and see how it fits into your business.

Start by thinking about how cloud computing would affect you. If you’re working on a desk top computer at the moment it probably has a tower sat next to it or if it’s an older model it could be a huge box by your feet. This is the memory of your computer and each time you start it up you computer is checking all the information you store on it is working and is accessing it all for you. If you work in an office that chances are you have a few larger servers that back everything up. These servers hold all your business information, when you save a document or run an application you use on a daily basis, all this data is stored on your own servers. Sever virtualization is one part of cloud computing and it means you take these servers you store at work and the information you store on your own computer and your move it to a virtual location. Typically this remote location will be a huge data center.

A lot of people chose cloud computing for their business because if the savings it can bring. When you host you own servers you always have to have a certain amount of space free just in case and when ever those servers start to get full you have to add more space just in case you suddenly need it. With physical servers you have to pay for that space regardless of whether you’re actually using it. If you migrate over to the cloud you only pay for the server space you’re actually using.

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