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Android Phones : Finding It Difficult To Make A Choice?

23 April 2011 No Comment

Few people remember the days when cell phones resembled huge bricks with a long antenna poking out. Today smartphone are thin and powerful. With the explosion of features such as app markets, a smartphone now can be transformed to perform a variety of different functions such as GPS or gaming. Google Android has capitalized on the growing demand for smartphone and is front runner in the smartphone revolution. Android is a free and open source project and that flexibility makes it an alluring product for both manufactures and consumers.

Motorola Droid X – The Motorola Droid series was Motorola big statement as to where it’s heading for the future and that direction is with the Android platform. The Motorola Droid has a lot of screen real-estate. The Droid X features a 4.3 inch screen. The Droid X is a bit longer than regular phones, but that always the user to have a better grip because of the narrowness. The display isn’t the best in the market, but it is more than adequate. The Droid X runs on Android 2.1 software, but Motorola has added their own custom UI. The Motorola Droid X has a fast processor and will feel quick and snappy as you navigate through it.

HTC Evo 4G – HTC has been on an amazing streak releasing phones that have been huge hits in the market. The HTC Evo 4G is no exception. Most commonly known for being the first 4G phone on the market, the Evo brings a lot to the table. It defiantly has enough processing power with the Snapdragon processor buried within it to run any app in the Market Place without a hitch. The Evo is centered around a large, beautiful multi-touch screen. The software is built off of Google’s innovated Android platform with HTC adding their own flare to it. Ultimately, this phone will be a big hit and not only because of the 4G.

HTC Incredible – HTC has really shaken up the market with the release of its innovative line of smartphone. Although not 4G like the Evo, the HTC Incredibly is a solid smartphone in its own right. The combination of a large, crystal clear screen, powerful processor, and smart UI makes the Incredible a hard phone to pass up. That is without even considering the 8 megapixel camera that can shoot high-def videos. The Incredible is everything you’d want a smartphone to be: quick, responsive, and simple to use. Coupled that with the growing Android ecosystem and that is why the Incredible is one of the best smartphone on the market.

Google Nexus One – As Google continues to try to push its way into the mobile market, it is hoping that its latest smartphone, the Nexus One, will be able to give it the edge. The Nexus One is one of the best designed phones one the market from a hardware point of view. It is built on the Android platform and offers a lot of custom Google features such as Google Voice programmed into the phone. The Nexus One is not the “best” smartphone on the market, but it’s not very far away.

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