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Backing Up Your Family’s Photograph Collection

9 August 2011 No Comment

These days, almost everybody has a digital camera, a camera phone or a video cam of some sort. They’re amazing little gadgets that send images through the internet to another computer, Blackberry, cell phone or PDA. And you can share them with anyone, anywhere! This is all fantastic technology, nevertheless, one question remains:

What do we do with all the old photos we have taken, developed, collected, carefully placed and captioned in dozens of picture albums? And how about those boxes of pictures stored somewhere in our homes, basements and garages? The art of putting together photo albums is becoming a thing of the past. You might even have a photo collection which spans generations of family and friends. And do not we only consider their irreplaceable value during a disaster that could take those memories from you in a matter of minutes?

There are natural disasters all around the world. Several areas, such as Los Angeles, CA are particularly vulnerable. This metropolis, county and neighboring cities in Southern California encounter a wide range of destructive forces of nature. There are floods, which can create havoc within hours and at times, minutes. Floods can cause subsequent mudslides, rockslides and rivers of water that flow through homes, ruining or even carrying away everything in their path. Earthquakes occur without notice, bringing down buildings and resulting in damage — at times irreversible — within its epicenter radius.

This is where ‘old school’ photography meets digital age technology. The breakthrough answer to keeping those past memories secure and protected is — photo scanning! Obviously, if you had a scanner, a lot of free time, money and patience, you could take on this tedious endeavor yourself, or use the quickest, most-efficient and cost-friendly alternative — professional photo scanning.

It’s so simple. Find a local photo scanning company which offers pick up and delivery or has drop-off centers near you. Numerous people feel uncomfortable sending their personal photos through the mail and possibly having that company send them overseas for a number of weeks to be scanned. That is why most people seem to favor making use of a local scanning service with fast turnaround.

The very best photo scanning businesses will be able to actually restore some of your photos with amazing color quality, turning a number of your older gems into better-then-new copies. You need to ask if your photo scanning company is able to do all sizes of photos up to 8″x10″, slides, negatives and film. Many services also offer VHS to DVD transfer for preserving family home videos.

Having all your favorite memories from over the years on CD or DVD is like having insurance on the most proud and thrilling moments of your life. Sharing your scanned pictures is also an excellent way to allow others relive their precious times with you. Simply copy the photo-scanned pictures on the disc into your computer and send them online to friends and family.

For ultimate safety, have a copy made (if you aren’t certain how to do that on your computer), and keep a CD set in your personal vault, safe deposit box or with a family member living in another area. With fire season coming soon and home and apartment fires happening at any moment, it is a great idea to get this completed when possible – don’t wait till it is too late. Most of your possessions are replaceable – but not your pictures.

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