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Can You Trust The “Experts” On the Net?

28 May 2011 No Comment

Well, You know I have been executing this (blogging, and learning about SEO’ing) for a few months now and I’ve started to wonder regarding Google’s wisdom in this new way these folks possess for rating websites.  Now which Yahoo would like content, content, content, there isn’t any way for Yahoo to comprehend if the articles being placed is actually Great written content. As an example, our company, although promoting a well-rounded range of fasteners, seriously specializes in individual drilling and needlepoint screws (tek screws and zip screws).  So, wanting possible consumers to locate us as quickly as achievable, we be able to write and publish and weblog and reply to concerns throughout the web attempting to use the words ‘tek screws’ and ‘zip fasteners’ as significantly as possible so that Yahoo will begin noticing us and raising us in their rankings.  But a disturbing sample has begun, that I solely observe due to the fact I comprehend sure names and emails concerning our product.  Various producers, not getting the time to create their own articles (that I can entirely sympathize with and need to confess I am guilty likewise) are hiring writers unfamiliar with our product.  Over and at the time of again, I  examine articles on the net from ‘specialists’ in my subject with incorrect facts that may solely be recognised by me or another person else in my industry.  It makes me question various so-called expert articles on topics that I am not which knowledgeable.  I’m not so fast to assume every little thing I examine on the internet and have to search deeper and deeper through the articles to uncover information from sources I can trust.  Maybe Yahoo’s new rating pc should solely end result in a almost nothing but garbage facts to use as resource.  Garbage in equals garbage out. Simply my humble opinon.

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