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CNC Machine Setup and Operation

15 September 2011 No Comment

Computer Numerical Control Machines are sophisticated instruments which only trained cnc operators should operate all of them. There are certain rules and guidelines to consider if you’re planning to use a CNC machine by yourself. 
CNC checklist before startup 
Before starting up the Computer Numerical Control Machine, you will find safety rules that must be considered first. First important aspect before starting in the CNC machine is to ensure your own security, therefore wearing protective gear, such as eye glasses and short sleeved t shirts is an important dress code throughout CNC operation. You should also be careful if you are handling tools as well as sharp edged work items to avoid any accidents. You must additionally ensure that the cutting tools are fastened in the machine spindle to avoid any movement throughout the cutting operation.
Actual New venture, Operation and Machine Setup of the CNC
The Computer Numerical Machine startup procedure varies depending with the kind of machine being used but generally there is a main power switch or a circuit breaker to turn it on. Some machines also require hydraulics or air pressure before it starts up.
Once the Computer Numerical Machine starts up, the machine usually starts at its Machine Home Position. The Machine Home Position allows the control and the machine to have a preset beginning position for all its axes. After startup, the CNC machine must be sent to this position before the work begins. This position will later end up being changed to an appropriate area whenever you are machining a particular a part of a product.
The Tool Length Offset Value or TLO may be the distance from the tip of the tool from the spindle in the Home Position. The TLO must be set for each tool in the current job. The TLO can be set using a elevation gage, fixture location, as well as the research tool. When these ideals are determined, they are kept in the Controller to be used during the program operation.
After environment the Tool Length Offset Value it is time to setup a component origin of a CNC machine. Setting up the actual part origin on a CNC machine is the same as setting up a conventional machine. This usually involves positioning the axes to a point where the plan designates since it’s origin. There are many ways to locate the position on the reference stage, it is by using edge finders, wigglers or magnifying glasses.
Following setting up the whole system for the Computer Numerical Control, it’s time to Load the program to the machine. Program loading is different for every machine. Some machines possess tape readers to input the program into the Computer Numerical Control Machine’s memory. Newer devices have internal or exterior floppy devices to input the program to the machine. After the program is loaded towards the machine, the CNC machine is now available.
There are certain instances when you have to change the tools in the Computer Numerical Control manually during device operations. When a certain machining operation is complete, the program may move the aces to the tool change position as well as display the next tool required. It is now the job of the Device operator to remove and replace it with the next tool.
Special care must be taken whenever you are beginning operations with the CNC machine, any mistake taken during the part of the procedure may lead to serious injuries in the machine operator. View http://cncmachiningzone.org/ for more facts.

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