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Coffee mugs used as holiday promotions!

8 May 2011 No Comment

Coffee mugs are a great idea for a holiday promotion. Nearly everyone can find a use for a mug, even if they are not coffee drinkers. Since this type of product is useful, it is important to design a mug that is durable, appealing and fun for your customers to use. Whether you are using a coffee mug as an incentive gift or as a holiday thank you to your existing customers, you will have many options.


Here are a just a few ideas on how to use coffee mugs for a successful holiday promotionlike a custom sign.


Advertising Products – While a customer may not appreciate a coffee mug that is a blatant promotion of your products, there are ways to subtly remind them of your store and your products through the use of graphics.




Promoting Your Company – While you may not have a lot of useable space to promote your company on a mug, there are ways to get around this. You can even think about working your companys business name into the graphic.


You can also add the name of your company at the bottom of the mug, or in some cases, on the handle of the mug itself. One thing about not using graphics is that you can put the name of your company on the fron of the mug. While this is not as attractive as a business sign or creating a full-color mug, it is still very useful in promoting your company.


Free Word-of-Mouth Advertising. If the customer likes your mug to use it in a public setting thats the perfect advertisment setting for you! In order to make the best impression, it is a good idea to make sure that your mug is designed professionally like a graphic design.   Even if your customer keeps their mug at home, it will be a frequent reminder of your store.


The most important thing to remember when creating a coffee mug for this type of promotion is the design.  

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