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Deciding on the Best Entertainment for Your Fall Wedding

13 September 2011 No Comment

30% of couples choose autumn as the ideal season of the year to get married. When selecting a fall wedding, it’s usually best to start by knowing which colors to bring into the ceremony and the reception. First, the colors are brightest during this season – imagine all the possible colors that you could utilize on your special day – hues of red, orange, yellow, brown, green, and gold. And imagine all the fall wedding favors you could give to your family members and friends!

Once you have considered everything through starting from the wedding dress, the entourage’s clothing, spot for your grand reception, wedding favors, and honeymoon destination, what else do you think should be given some focus?

If your autumn wedding isn’t governed by an experienced wedding planner, you have to be extra careful with the music and other kinds of entertainment that you will add into your fall wedding.

Because it’s the most vibrant season of the year, the wedding music should also represent such a mood. In fact, your wedding music plays a major role in making your wedding a big success. It is a must for both bride and groom to look at the available songs and the bands that would play them for the couple. Don’t make the same mistake  many couples already made – and that’s to rely only on CDs and inexperienced relatives as DJs on their wedding day! You can choose to give music CDs as autumn wedding favors but it’s a no-no to rely on these for your wedding music.

Live bands – the professional ones – should be your primary choice when it comes to your wedding music. You have to remember that these people know the ins and outs of wedding entertainment. Just make sure to specify to them what songs you would also want to be played. After all, it is your special day not theirs!

Forget cheesy, sappy, overly-sad music. You can decide to have some sentimental songs to be played by your selected band but it’s a bad idea to overload your music line up with tearjerkers. Pick some slow songs that some couples could dance to and select also some lively ones that most of the guests can enjoy especially during the reception. And do not ever forget to include one slow song wherein the bride’s father could dance with his beloved daughter.

Now, the greatest music in the world would be useless if an emcee will not be able to give justice to the program. Make sure that the wedding host knows what he’s doing or what he is talking about. Imagine mispronouncing the bride’s name just when she is about to give the wedding favors to her loved ones.

Think about all this before you actually sign a contract with any live band. And don’t forget the most essential thing on your wedding day – relax and enjoy!

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