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Digital Media On Your Family TV with WD HD Media Player

15 May 2011 No Comment

Several most irritating things that still hasn’t gotten any better within the electronic age will be the capability to view electronic mass media on the family television.For Sure there is AppleTV and SlingCatcher along with a lots of of others, but what about just becoming capable to actually plug in your hard disk drive or digital camera that is packed with photographs, movies and music and begin experiencing it all back again immediately? Well, it appears that Western Digital has ultimately cracked the code with its WD HD Media Player.


I recently put the WD Tv Media Player by means of its paces and it is not just effortless to have uploaded and functioning, but it is affordable, too.


I actually took the WD Tv out of its box, connected it to a power supply, linked my spare HDMI cable towards the back of it (the other finish is by now hooked to my HDTV), put the batteries in the integrated distant, turned it on, and was ready to go.


The media player itself is just a conduit so at this stage it only confirmed the list given that it did not contain any written content.I then plugged a USB 2.0 local disk into the back of the WD Tv Hd Media Player.Sad to say, it did not recognize the local disk, however it turns out that it was a poor drive, so on a whim I plugged in a random USB stick into my MacBook (I lately gathered plenty of them from CES), packed up some tracks, videos (inside a selection of formats), and pictures after which plugged the USB stick into the gadget.Moments later I was capable to view my pictures, play my music tunes and check out my videos, with out missing a beat.


The user interface for searching the media is pretty friendly, immediately sectioning off the several media kinds.The only drawback I noticed was that if you are seeing a video after which press the forward button on the remote control, there is no visual verification that the command was received, so you press once again.Most times you find yourself accidentally missing the desired content material, but it’s some thing which you get used to.You are able to also use a Slideshow mode, which will then auto-advance your pictures, but I prefer to thumb through mine swiftly.Given that the player is firmware upgradable, I’m expecting various better UI enhancements in time, such as one to deal with this specific issue.


The best function of the WD Media Player, though, is that you just can plug in a digital camera and begin viewing its content quickly.I really like utilizing my Flip MinoHD even so the only disadvantage to utilizingthe WD Media Player is that you simply need to view it on the device or on your personal computer and if you would like to view it anyplace else, you’ve to change the file format or utilize the included component cables to link up to your Television.Using the Hd Tv Media Player, I simply plugged the Flip instantly into the player after which watched what I had just recorded in beautiful HD–no extra cables or conversion needed.


To conclude, I couldn’t be more happy using the WD HD Media Player and suggest it for seeing and listening to your media on your family’s tv.

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