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ESPN Sports Streams Coming To Xbox 360?

16 March 2011 No Comment

If your into Boxee then you may soon be able to watch some exchange premium content – but at a price.
Boxee is planning to release a pay to view service this summertime that will let viewers purchase TV shows, movies or apps with a flick of the wrist (actually a button press on the remote). The development will allow Boxee to show content that was previously not useable to its viewers, says the accompany.

Boxee Going Pay Per View?
The CEO of Boxee Avner Ronen said on their blog :- “The content owners will be able to software package and price as they wish, including pay-per-view and subscription. Content partners will have the flexibility to decide what they make available, whether it’s premium content, content from their existing program library, or extras that will never make it on air.”

In return, Boxee will take a region of around 30% of each sale. Boxee currently aggregate content from various starting times such as pop TV channels, online tv set and even Netflix.  You can get the Boxee software for free. The company plans to plunge a set-top box during the year in in partnership with D-Link.

It hasnt all been sheer sailing though, streaming free content managed to upset Hulu last year when Hulu twice shut down Boxee’s access to it. Boxee responded by releasing a work-around. Hulu and Boxee have declared a truce for the present time.
The projected Boxee pay to view platform could reassure content companies and TV channels of the software’s ability to monetize its users. Ronen believes the internet will be the fourth method of dispersion for content after telegraph, satellite and IPTV.

Hot on the heels of the news that Youtube are to starting streaming live sports, it looks as though Microsoft are also await to show live sports streams via the xbox 360 comfortableness. Microsoft are said to be in significant duologue with Disney to stream ESPN’s live sports TV shows through the console. Its not all great news though as owners would have to pay a subscription before gaining access to the streams.

The initiative would be part of a larger system that has already included some live internet TV on xbox such as the Sky satellite tv broadcasts on the Xbox in the UK.  Microsoft has declined to clear up the ESPN rumor but makes no secret of the fact that it wants “as much content as conceivable.”

Microsoft want to not only compete with rival console from Sony, the PlayStation 3 but also dedicated media hubs like Apple TV and Roku’s Internet Player.

Apple may be indirectly stepping up insistence on Microsoft as rumors have circulated of an iTunes TV subscription in negotiations that would supply downloads of most online TV shows for a flat each month fee.

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