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Frash iPad – Make Adobe Flash Run On Apple iPad

26 February 2011 No Comment

Frash iPad is created by an enterprising developer who has proven that with a little work, Adobe Flash will work just fine on the iPad and iPhone, as long as you’re comfortable jailbreaking your device. Yes you will have problems–Flash is intended for use with a mouse, and not touch-based input methods. But certainly it gives hope that enterprising developers can be able to force Apple’s hand.

Just a few months ago, it was reported that the GPU unit that Apple baked into its A4 chip powering the iPad lacks full OpenGL ES 2.0 support, a major problem for games and allegedly the understanding why the tablet won’t run Flash Player 10.1.

Frash iPad will work in Safari Mobile through a compatibility layer. The programme is actually a port of the official Adobe Flash plug-in that is already available for Android devices. operation is actually pretty decent–sorry Mr. Jobs, there goes your authentication excuse for not allowing Flash at all.

Frash will currently only run on the iPad, but there are plans to port it to the iPhone as well. Only the 3GS and iPhone 4 would be supported, obviously for performance reasons.

A user named Xuzz149 posted a video regarding this on YouTube with a verbal description which states – “Frash uses a multi-process model similar to Chrome on the desktop, so a wreck in the Frash/Flash plugin doesn’t take down the browser. You can see this while I’m playing Alien Hominid: the ad above crashed (probably a Frash bug), but Safari stays open just fine, and continues to play other Flash content on the page.”

at the start, video and keyboard input won’t be supported but it would be worked upon later on.

These enthusiastic developers have found a workaround for getting Flash on to the iPad and iPhones as well. Hold on your devices for a stable release of Frash iPad.

Cross your fingers they get it to work, and hopefully force Apple to tear down that wall.


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