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Hints for Effectively Hanging Artwork

24 March 2011 No Comment

If you have a magnificent work of art that you would like to show off, then there are rules that you should follow. That does not mean you have to follow them down to the letter, but a lot of home design folks use them and they work great! The point of having art is to view it, appreciate it and perhaps even be moved by it. Do not attempt to match your existing furniture with your artwork. Instead, buy art because it’s good art, then tie it in to your room by buying couch cushions or baskets of flowers or fruit that reflect the colors in the artwork. Usually, professionals advise hanging art at eye level. The middle of the artwork is displayed about five feet higher than the floor in galleries. Experts recommend using halogen bulbs to add light to your piece since they produce a white light and call attention to the colors. At least two hooks should be used on a single painting; make sure that the hook and wire is appropriate to the weight of the piece. You can get the best photo into painting information by visiting this website.

It has recently become popular to use the floor, shelves, or even furniture to display your art, so that it leans in place instead of being suspended from hooks. This usually works when the artwork is very large with a great frame. White mats work best for highlighting your art work. If color is important to you, accent mats called filets are a little larger and can be used with the art and the normal white mat for a slice of color.

Grouping artwork can be tricky, it’s important that you keep a balanced feel to the display. Make sure the centers of the art are in line with one another, as opposed to the tops and bottoms. Arrange the art on the floor or make a quick diagram of your proposed placement when you are designing the layout of multiple pieces. Spacing between your pieces of art ia another detail to consider. Once you know how much space you will leave between two, you will want to repeat that between all of them. If you are congregating paintings or same-size copies, specialists recommend setting aside half an inch between every frame in order to prevent a crowded look from coming of it. Again, putting the art on the floor or drawing the arrangement will be beneficial. It will become a more interesting arrangement if you use different sized frames or frames with different shapes. An ordinary frame is used for most artwork, especially amongst contemporary works. Impressionistic or traditional art looks splendid in highly decorative frames.

If you’d like to make a piece of art look more fancy, or bigger, use a larger mat. The walls should be a neutral white or off white to best showcase the art. If you are furnishing a new house or redecorating, first buy your fine pieces of art. Choose the artwork and let it lead you to the other aspects you purchase for your room. When you would like to get more information on photo to canvas painting check out this site.

Looking for pieces of art can be both rewarding and time consuming, depending on your mindset when you start the process. Many designers often advice choosing art that touches your emotions. For instance, it can be art from your relatives or acquaintances or art that you discovered in your travels. Mixing art forms is perfectly reasonable. A collector may have a mask from Indonesia on one wall, a Russian watercolor and Guatemalan painting on another, and an arrangement of modern-mixed media art on the coffee table. Most artists look for intriguing pieces while they are traveling.

It is a great idea to combine diferent kinds of frames. It isn’t necessary to match every piece. However, keep in mind that your art piece should be in full view instead of its frame. Reputable galleries usually have a policy of letting you make a depost on a piece and take it for a test run. If you decide the piece isn’t right for your home, you can bring it back for an exchange. There are some art galleries that allow you to take home as many as twenty art pieces at a time.

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