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Holsters for the Motorola Atrix

15 April 2011 No Comment

One of the newest Android-based cell phones that has a lot of accessories already in the market is the new Motorola Atrix. One oft-overlooked add-on is the holster. Holsters are an excellent investment because they allow  users to personalize, protect, add style to and make more convenient their device. In order to highlight that,  this article looks at what holsters and holster features are available, and how they can make the Motorola Atrix  owner’s life easier.

The Motorola Atrix is an exciting new Android smart phone with webtop capabilities, a 4.0-inch HD screen and a slew of high-quality Motorola Atrix accessories on the market. When it comes to protecting that Atrix, most users will think Motorola Atrix case or Motorola Atrix screen protector first. No matter what kind of smart phone you have, a case and screen protector are the most popular accessories for any cell phone. But in this article, we’d like to take some time to consider the oft-overlooked holster, which is an accessory that provides many of the same benefits a case does and many that it doesn’t.

Smartphone cases are popular because they provide full body protection to the device. Unlike protectors, shields and skins that only ward off scratches and scuffs, cases provide real shock absorption that protects the device in a fall and during other substantial impacts. Some cases even have built-in screen protection. If you buy one that doesn’t, it’s a simple thing to pair it with the screen protector of your choice. Simply put, holsters are like cases with a belt clip, and they provide all of those advantages we’ve just subscribed. The nicest aspect of holsters is the convenience they provide. Flip open the top, remove the smart phone, use it, put it back in its  compartment, close the lid with one hand, and done.

Most holster manufacturer’s use either ABS plastic or leather. Leather holsters come in either genuine leather or standard leather. Leather holsters do offer protection but are more of a stylish accessory and will be more expensive than ABS plastic holsters. Holsters manufactured with ABS plastic tend to be more popular. Not only are they less expensive, they also offer greater protection to the phone because they are more durable.  Another advantage is that the manufacturer can design the ABS plastic to the precise shape of the Motorola Atrix.  This makes it much easier to manipulate the phone.

Holsters are an ideal accessory for consumers who are always travelling. A smart phone case only provides so much protection when it’s tossed around inside a briefcase, purse or luggage. If you have to store a holstered smart phone that way, you simply snap the clip onto some aspect of the container’s interior. And what about those days you have to run around the office building, up and down floors and through departments? With a case; you must hold your device in your hand. With a holster, you just attach it you pants pocket, inside jacket pocket, purse, briefcase and so forth.

Before choosing a case, browse your options I am sure that a holster might be of interest to you. Think about this way: holsters are like cases, just better. And there’s usually not much price difference between a holster and a comparable case, which makes the holster the better investment. If you’re worried about style, don’t be. Holsters come in a wide range of good-looking designs.

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