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how to burn xbox games

6 September 2011 No Comment

Copy, Backup and Burn your entire Xbox 360 game collection without getting any disc error and without any console modifications is what is imaginable with a special new game burning software. Here is how to burn 360 games!

If you love to play Xbox 360 games but are getting pretty tired of spending a fortune on games or of the games getting destroyed, then you maybe would like to know how to burn 360 games.

So far there has been two main reasons for why it has been quite complacated to create backups of your games.

First of all because you had to do some modifications on your Xbox 360 that required that you had to open it, and that way lose your warranty.

Second most computer burning software do not know how to burn Xbox 360 games, because that are not programmed the way that they understand the file structure on a Xbox 360 DVD.

Now there is a whole new technology available that are able to create an exact 1:1 copy of your favorite Xbox 360 games, in fact this new game burning technology does not only burn 360 games, but also Ps2, Ps3, Wii, Box and Game Cube with no problem.

The only thing you need to be aware of is to use the right type of disc. In the Xbox 360 case it is DVD 9, which can be purchased in a regular computer store.

When you have the right type of media to burn your games on, the burning process is very simple because the software pretty much takes care of everything.

Usually you use the game burning software to create a special ISO you store on your computer hard drive before the files actually are being burned on the DVD. You just have to remember where the files are stored on your computer.

With this technique you are able to create as many copies as you want you just have to have a little patience because it can take some time because of the size of the games.

The simple way on how to create an exact copy of your favorite Xbox 360 games.

  1. Install the game burning software on your computer.
  2. Insert the original Xbox 360 games and use the software to copy it.
  3. Install a fresh DVD into your computer, remember to use the right format.
  4. Start the game burning process and be a little patient.

You can either chose to copy a new game or simply just make as many copies you may like.

That is it on how to backup Xbox 360 games.

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