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How to Identify the Major Menopause Symptoms

7 July 2011 No Comment

Menopause is a condition that every woman on Earth goes through at some point. It is just an inevitable part of being female. Many women will try to think of ways to stop menopause from happening but nothing can prevent the stopping of that monthly cycle. Many women are traumatized by the onset of menopause because they were never taught about menopause symptoms. Everyone has heard about what women go through when they go through “the change” but what symptoms should we be on the lookout for? Keep reading to learn for yourself!
Just about the easiest menopause symptom to identify is the mood swing. It is this symptom that makes menopause closely resemble puberty and (however ironically) the early stages of pregnancy. Menopause mood swings are often sudden and irrational. She can be absolutely calm one moment. In the next moment she has burst into tears over something that would not have affected her that way a few months prior. If a woman in your life is going through mood swings like these and isn’t pregnant (or pubescent), she might be going through the stages of menopause. Tread lightly! For most women, one of the most embarrassing symptoms of menopause is a change in how their hair grows. Many woman say that they lose hair on their heads, their pubic area and the rest of the places on the body where it is normal for women to grow hair. At the same time, while this hair is being lost, other hair starts to grow–in unusual places like the chest and the face. Every woman experiences other kinds of hair growth. If, however, you do not usually grow hair on your face or chest and some starts to appear (while the hair in normal areas appears thin), you should talk to your doctor. You might be going through menopause.
The most obvious menopausal symptom is the loss of the monthly period. If your period changes in strength, duration, frequency or stops coming altogether, you could be going through menopause. Missing your period does not always, one hundred percent mean that you are going through menopause. Some women, believe it or not, say their periods actually get heavier right before menopause set in. Any change in the monthly cycle should be reported to a doctor, especially if you are getting to the age where menopause usually occurs. There are lots of different menopause symptoms. No two women will experience menopause in the exact same way. For some women, the symptoms are only mild. Still other women have symptoms that almost cripple them. When you understand your own symptoms you can help other people deal with menopause symptoms as well–after all, the people in your life will have to help you through this change! This article lists just a few of the menopause symptoms you might have to deal with. Talking to your doctor will help you learn what all you should be looking out for.



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