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Improve Your Productivity With A Hewlett-Packard 4650 Color Printer

9 May 2011 No Comment

HP printers have been following the technological trend of constantly upgrading their soft and hardware making their machines and operating systems better and better with each passing year. A great piece of machinery recently manufactured by this company is the HP LaserJet 4650 Printer that works fast and produces a high quality print each time it is used with the HP Color LaserJet 4650 bulk toner. This piece of office equipment will improve the performance output of any office.

Laser printers in general are the fastest variety of printer because they do not print each line individually. Speed in the printing is of the utmost importance especially when in a large office environment where employees must produce hard documents. The HP LaserJet 4650 Printer has the capacity to print up to 22 pages a minute, making it an extremely fast product to obtain.

One of the features that make this variety of printer so quick is its 553 MHz processing unit and 544 megabytes of memory it houses on its hard drive. When working in proper condition, this office appliance is able to get the first page out in 15 seconds and then streams a continuous flow of documents until the operation is complete. It also calibrates quickly and cleans itself between prints to ensure good speed and print definition with every document.

Hewlett Packard has installed a variety of innovations that aid in the overall speed and quality of document production, like no other machine on the market. One of the best qualities in the 4650 model is the fact that is has four separate trays for loading printable paper. Each tray can hold up to 400 individual sheets of paper, giving this apparatus a carrying capacity 1,600. This can ultimately save employees time on having to constantly reload paper as it is needed.

Hewlett Packard printers are at the leading edge of innovation not only in speed but in quality of printed materials as well. This particular style of printer uses industrial-sized ink cartridges that provide a tone and brightness almost unseen in other printers’ outputs. These materials are also easy to replace, as even the most non-technical employee will navigate the cartridge replacement process with relative ease.

Quality of the print, as previously mentioned, is a major concern of all people who deal with paper work all day and the compatible laser toner is second to none when it comes to laser printing technology. When it comes to printing a document that requires color, this toner application is what can really make any printed item standout. Sharper looking images and crisp text are the added bonuses of having a good toner cartridge.

Getting the best equipment for an office is vitally important to the overall production of employees and increasing profit margins. The HP LaserJet 4560 Printer is a great addition to any office environment because of speed and accuracy at which documents are produced. Also, 4650 cartridge makes each image and word crisp and clear to the reader’s eye and this HP toner is more than affordable.

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