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Is The HTC Desire Worth Buying?

11 April 2011 No Comment

Continuing from the HTC Legend, this company has now released the HTC Desire, which has a lot of similar features to the previous phone. However, the HTC Desire comes with a bigger screen and meatier processor, so you can navigate far more quickly and easily. The 1GHz processor that comes with the phone is about as powerful as any smartphone can be right now. With this processor, you can run applications very quickly, as well as multitask a number of apps at a time.

With the HTC Desire, you get Android 2.1 and HTC Sense that powers your user interface, giving you an incredibly intuitive and easy to customize experience on your smartphone. The touch screen enables you to pinch zoom on the main menu to get to any one of your seven fully customizable home screens, full of the widgets and applications you can get in the Android Market. Check out your contacts, social networking, bookmarks and the like with the press of a button, or the swipe of a finger.

The HTC Desire’s real selling point is its fantastic 3.7″ LCD screen. You would be hard pressed to find a larger screen on the smartphone market today. Its 480×800 pixel resolution enables you to see more on the screen, and the AMOLED technology gives it the sharpness and resolution that you have always wanted. If you are reading long emails or checking out lots of text online, really makes a difference.

With the bigger screen, you can use the touch-screen QWERTY keyboard very easily no matter what mode you are in, allowing you to minimize the typos that usually come with these types of interfaces. This way, it is simpler than ever to send out a little email very quickly, and you can look at Word, Excel and PowerPoint files with the Quick Office program, and PDFs are easier to access than ever before with the PDF reader.

Those of you with experience in using Android phones will not be surprised by the user interface, which includes a series of four buttons – Home, Menu, Back, and Search. The Search button is particularly interesting, as it will search both your phone and Google at the same time. As you type out your search criteria, it will sort through both until it is just left with Google, in the event that what you are looking for is not on your phone. This is the kind of intuitive interface that you will be glad you picked up once you get this smartphone.

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