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Is The Samsung Wave 2 Worth Buying?

18 April 2011 No Comment

Samsung has recently released the Wave 2, the less costly offspring of Samsung’s popular Wave phone. Though the Wave garnered a large following, its higher cost kept many buyers away. With the Wave 2, Samsung is hoping to capture a larger slice of the smartphone market, particularly those who may not have as much money to spend on a new phone. The Wave 2 is priced to attract students and young adults, who represent the majority of social networkers, but typically do not have a great deal of income to spend. To keep the price down, Samsung did make some changes to the Wave 2, but it still has many of the original Wave’s great features.

Tired of the time and frustration of pecking long messages on full keyboards that can not keep up with all you have got to say? The Samsung Wave 2 takes the full QWERTY keyboard one step further, by combining the feature with predictive text. No more tedious typing. And how you view your messages and images can now be controlled with a twist of the wrist with the Wave 2’s accelerometer that automatically rotates the screen from landscape to portrait. Navigating your way through the phone’s many features also becomes second-nature with the TouchWiz 3.0 UI.

The Wave 2 comes with 80MB of internal storage to store contact and other basic media. For the serious multi-media user, the Samsung Wave 2 comes equipped with a microSD slot for up to 16GB of expandable memory – an option to take advantage of if the user wants to play back MP3’s or use the 3 megapixel camera to shoot still images or SD video. It even comes with image editing software to touch up your images on the go, along with MP4 video viewing capabilities. The expansion slot provides another handy feature – the user can use separate cards for various media and interchange cards as desired.

Like most major smartphone manufacturers, Samsung offers its own social networking aggregator, similar to HTC’s Friend Stream, Sony Ericsson’s Timescape of Motorola’s Motoblur. Samsung’s Social Hub maintains all your contact details, email accounts and social networking services in one location for easy access. With just your Wave 2 in hand, you will be able to share a favorite joke with all your friends, manage your account information or see what everyone else is talking about. Social Hub means you can now view and respond to messages, check your social networks and send emails from multiple service providers without having to access each individual network.

Another popular Samsung feature is the 3.2″ 240×400 TFT LCD touch screen. With its 256,000 color capacity and relatively large screen, the Wave 2 is a great way to enjoy video clips or share pictures. You can also enjoy a wide variety of audio formats, including mp3, wav and eAAC+. Or you can relax with your favorite radio station with the fully integrated FM stereo. The Wave 2 is more than just another smartphone; it is an entire personal entertainment system.

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