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Knowing About The Glamour Photography Business

7 May 2011 No Comment

In glamour photography, women are being made as the common subjects. This kind of photography business is commercial and artistic at the same time, as it portrays the subjects in a sexually attractive or romantic postures. Since subjects are usually nude or semi-nude, glamour photography is also considered a form of softcore pornography. The subjects are often very select: movie celebrities, models or music stars The photos are then published in men’s magazines, pinups, calendars and lots of other publications.

The early forms of glamour photography appeared in France at the beginning of the 20th century. Scantily dressed women with a playful attitude best described these postcards sold by street vendors. Betty Grable and Marlyn Monroe are some of the most popular and best known models of glamour photography ever. In many countries, modeling for such photos is considered very advantageous from the financial perspective. The fact of the matter is that nudity sells most of the time.

Besides FHM and Playboy, there are also health magazines, Maxim magazines, tabloids, and others that depend on glamour photography. They show less nudity, while they emphasize glamour. It is almost a cliché to see topless pictures with women holding their hands like a handbra to cover the breasts. The list of examples can continue, but it is pretty relevant for anyone reading the press once in a while that sex sells, and glamour photography shows that better than anything else.

Let’s not forget the artistic part of glamour photography, as there is beauty to it, without any doubt. The photos go through a lot of brushing or cosmetic conditioning before publication so that they are made more appealing. Moreover, no tiny imperfections remain after this brushing up stage. As for accessories and make up, glamour photography could not be possible without them.

A model will therefore need the help of an entire team for professional shooting sessions. The sessions is thus backed by makeup artists, hair stylists, designers and finally photographers. Many of the photos are taken and only the best are being chosen for the publication. As part of the photography business plan, the selection process is thus very rigorous and not all glamour photos pass the shooting stage. And the editor has the final call when it comes to deciding for one material or another in this kind of photography business.

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