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LG M2362D 23-Inch Widescreen 1080p LCD TV Monitor (Black) Review

3 March 2011 No Comment

The newest LG M2362D 23-Inch Widescreen 1080p LCD TV Monitor (Black) guarantees the freedom you will need. An exceptional digital TV tuner, a sophisticated design, you’ve got the entire world in a very full hd monitor. The numerous exclusive interfaces and improved plug-and-play features cause you to look and play complete. The perfect solution for HD if you really would like everything. The standard DTV broadcast is changed into MPEG4 format.

The complete selection of LG LCD monitors have built-in MPEG4 MTV tuners. This can be a perfect high quality hdtv picture probable with no built in receivers. (MPEG4 tuner apply M62D series). Multimedia files stored on USB storage devices without the computer for the monitor play. The LG TV includes a USB Monitor Quick View. See your photos or be a musician directly on the computer monitor. You connect your USB stick or hard disk directly into the USB port of the monitor. Simple and fast. The TV monitor works with full HD (1920×1080 pixels) resolution. A vivid sound. Drops of sweat on the face of the athlete towards the surface of small falling leaves.

LG M2362D 23-Inch Widescreen 1080p LCD TV Monitor (Black)
has two built-in hdmi connectors for assorted digital leisure systems and HD DVD, Blu-ray, PS3, Xbox 360 console and HD camcorders could possibly be connected. With two hdmi connections, so long as suffer from complicated AV cables, a single HDMI cable is sufficient. The various connectivity options provide possibility to be considered a perfect computer system among your taste matched home theater system in your computer system (DVI-D, D-SUB, USB port) but in addition for AV System (2scart ports, 2HDMI’s ). Since the monitor offers composite and RGB video ports is perfectly works with all peripherals. Separate converters are not necessary.

The extremely fast response time: 5 MS allows you to enjoy unparalleled sharpened, interference-free images, even those extremely in depth digital content. Enjoy fast dynamic flash games, action films and sports without haze or Late-image.

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