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NEWS: Apple dropping iPhone 2G support

14 April 2010 One Comment

Jobs replies to customer email
Apple dropping iPhone 2G support. Phones, Mobile phones, iPhone, Steve Jobs, Email 0

Steve Jobs is getting more and more responsive to inquiries sent to his email inbox. We’ve just learnt that Apple is planning to drop all future support for the iPhone 2G, thanks to an email sent to sjobs@apple.com by a fan.

The fan asked: “is Apple supporting updating the iPhone 2G in the future?”, to which Steve replied with a curt “Sorry, no”. The message was ended with the traditional “Sent from my iPhone”, showing that Steve’s evidently happy to respond to customer queries when he’s on the go. Maybe he was stuck in traffic or something.

More to the point, though, it shows that Apple isn’t prepared to support its older handsets endlessly. We already knew that it wouldn’t be getting the iPhone 4.0 firmware after its hardware was judged to be too weak to cope with the demands of a bit of multitasking, but now we also know it won’t be getting any other updates either. If you’re still running the 2G, seems like now’s the time to upgrade.


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Apple dropping iPhone 2G support originally appeared on http://www.pocket-lint.com on Tue, 13 Apr 2010 14:49:41 +0100

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  • Ruel said:

    Hhmm, time for an upgrade or time for a change? OS firmware not upgradeable, I can handle but app upgrades causing dysfunction seems like a forced upgrade too me. I like variety and competition; not a blind fanboy however, was happy with The iPhone and App support for many years. However, maybe it’s time to look into the features of Androids. “Sorry, no” seems… a little smug… apathetic… downright conceited? Doesn’t apple have a PR dept (especially with the tons of email requests) if Jobs is too busy/stuck in traffic to do his “Job.”

    After testing the IPhone 4 out at an app store, only upgrade that I was tempted with for iPhone was the HD 720p video. And, with all the free media hype (and allowing many to believe it was going to be 4g, disappointment started. The biggest con (oppositte of pro, not the 4g con) to me is the limited Data plans (probably a necessity), however the 2g’s (not sure about 3g’s) have unlimited data.

    I’m sort of Harbinger or bearer of good luck/fortune /popularizer to organizations/clubs/services I join, products I purchased (evidenced by many of my own experiences). And orgs (etc…) I’ve dettached from/left faded from the limelight so to speak on many occasions (talk about delusions of granduer LOL). Less than 2 years ago, I left T-mobile and I think they’re in trouble now.

    I think it’s time for a Android revolution. If I join, highly likely many will follow. (grandeur again)

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