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RIM details why BlackBerry users haven’t had email for two days

12 October 2011 No Comment

RIM details why BlackBerry users haven't had email for two days. Phones, BlackBerry, RIM 0

BlackBerry maker RIM has issued a statement as to why its users in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and other parts of the world have struggled with email browsing, and using BBM over the last two days.?

In a statement issued to Pocket-lint late on Tuesday night RIM said:

“The messaging and browsing delays being experienced by BlackBerry users in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Brazil, Chile and Argentina were caused by a core switch failure within RIM’s infrastructure.? Although the system is designed to failover to a back-up switch, the failover did not function as previously tested.

As a result, a large backlog of data was generated and we are now working to clear that backlog and restore normal service as quickly as possible.?

We apologize for any inconvenience and we will continue to keep you informed.”

The comment is the first time in the last two days that RIM has said anything other than “we are working on it” and will be most likely welcomed by those currently not knowing why they haven’t had email for a second day in a row.?

Twitter and social networks have been filling with complaints by avid BlackBerry fans who found their handsets rendered virtually useless, and still useless (unless you want to play Bricks) for close to 48 hours.

BlackBerry first confirmed there was a problem responding via its official Twitter account with a tweet which read, “Some users in EMEA are experiencing issues. We’re investigating, and we apologise for any inconvenience.” Followed soon after on Monday with: “Our sincere apologies to all of you affected by today’s BlackBerry service issues.”

On Tuesday the company would only say:

“Some users in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, India, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina are experiencing messaging and browsing delays. We are working to restore normal service as quickly as possible. ?We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.”

After reporting that the service was successfully up and running on Tuesday morning, the service failed again leaving many frustrated.?

The service is still down, and RIM hasn’t suggested when service will resume.?

We will keep you posted.

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