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[28 Jun 2011 | No Comment | ]

The Blackberry Storm Series are among the rare Blackberry phones that come without its signature QWERTY keyboard. RIM probably figured out that there are some Blackberry fans who wish for a great visual experience over typing convenience on their cell phones. The surprising thing about the Blackberry Storm 3 is, it is a completely different phone from the Storm 2 (well at least internally).
The Blackberry Storm 3 comes with new capabilities that are not a common sight in the older Blackberry phones. Does this fullscreen cell phone point towards a …

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[1 Jun 2011 | No Comment | ]

LG has made quite a name for itself over the past several years in the cell phone market; however, they have been reluctant to enter the Android fray. Getting their feet wet with the LG Intouch Max GW620, LG has followed up this early entry into the Android field with the LG GT540. Dubbed the Optimus, LG has added to what the 620 could do without going overboard. Android newbies and seasoned veterans alike will find the phone a delight to use. The Optimus’s construction is of high quality plastic …

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[23 Apr 2011 | No Comment | ]

Few people remember the days when cell phones resembled huge bricks with a long antenna poking out. Today smartphone are thin and powerful. With the explosion of features such as app markets, a smartphone now can be transformed to perform a variety of different functions such as GPS or gaming. Google Android has capitalized on the growing demand for smartphone and is front runner in the smartphone revolution. Android is a free and open source project and that flexibility makes it an alluring product for both manufactures and consumers.
Motorola Droid …

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[18 Apr 2011 | No Comment | ]

Samsung has recently released the Wave 2, the less costly offspring of Samsung’s popular Wave phone. Though the Wave garnered a large following, its higher cost kept many buyers away. With the Wave 2, Samsung is hoping to capture a larger slice of the smartphone market, particularly those who may not have as much money to spend on a new phone. The Wave 2 is priced to attract students and young adults, who represent the majority of social networkers, but typically do not have a great deal of income to …

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[11 Apr 2011 | No Comment | ]

Continuing from the HTC Legend, this company has now released the HTC Desire, which has a lot of similar features to the previous phone. However, the HTC Desire comes with a bigger screen and meatier processor, so you can navigate far more quickly and easily. The 1GHz processor that comes with the phone is about as powerful as any smartphone can be right now. With this processor, you can run applications very quickly, as well as multitask a number of apps at a time.
With the HTC Desire, you get Android …

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[20 Mar 2011 | No Comment | ]

If you are looking for a smartphone that is simply loaded with features galore, then you might want to take a look at the Blackberry Torch. The Torch also has a small footprint and will easily fit in most purses and pockets. At only .57 inches thick and 4.37 inches in height, the Blackberry Torch is small enough to go anywhere (and of course easy to lose as well!).
The display is about 3 inches when measured diagonally and provides crisp images on a HVGA+ 480×360 screen. This helps make navigating …