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The Blackberry Storm 3 – Information & Advice

28 June 2011 No Comment

The Blackberry Storm Series are among the rare Blackberry phones that come without its signature QWERTY keyboard. RIM probably figured out that there are some Blackberry fans who wish for a great visual experience over typing convenience on their cell phones. The surprising thing about the Blackberry Storm 3 is, it is a completely different phone from the Storm 2 (well at least internally).

The Blackberry Storm 3 comes with new capabilities that are not a common sight in the older Blackberry phones. Does this fullscreen cell phone point towards a new direction for Blackberry? The Storm 3 comes with the trademark glossy black case that appeals to the professionals and executives. However, gentle curves are introduced at the edges to break the monotony of the design.

Blackberry fans will cheer when they find out that the new Blackberry Storm 3 comes with the Blackberry 6 OS that they have been looking forward to. The Storm 3 runs on a 1Ghz processor that will support the intensive demands of the 6 OS. Such demand can come from the Social Feed application. This application serves to provide mobile social networking capabilities to the Storm 3. Users are now able to view their RSS feeds, instant messages and FB/Twitter updates on a simple timeline. Aside from the social capabilities, there is another reason to celebrate – RIM has included a new web browser in the OS 6. This web browser accurately renders HTML websites, which solves a huge problem for most BB users.

A friendlier interface will easily be noticed when you turn on the Blackberry Storm 3. This customizable graphical-interface comes with a set of modern icons that replace the outdated ones. As a result, the Storm 3 will easily appeal to a wider range of people that includes young adults.

A pleasant surprise comes with the 3.7 inch capacitive AMOLED touchscreen that displays images and videos with absolute vibrancy. It is definitely a rare sight in Blackberry cell phones as they usually do not feature such high resolution displays. Another attractive addition to the strong multimedia cell phone is the 8 MP camera that features dual LED flash for low light image capturing.

A majority of Storm 2 lovers are expected to rejoice, as one of the innovative features that Blackberry retains from the Storm 2 is the Surepress technology. Users are able to utilize the clickable touchscreen that effectively reduces the downsides of full touchscreen cell phones (accidental clicking).

RIM has undertaken applaudable steps to ensure that Blackberry users get their well-deserved entertainment. The modern interface also shows that Blackberry cell phones are not irrelevant and will be around for years to come.

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