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The Boot talks to Kimberly Perry of The Band Perry about their most current hit, ‘If I Die Young’

20 July 2011 No Comment

The Boot talks to Kimberly Perry of The Band Perry about their newest hit, ‘If I Die Youthful,’ which she wrote for their upcoming debut album. ‘If I Die Young’ is basically the first song that we had penned for the album. It defines an early chapter of our audio job. We penned it on a cloudy day in East Tennessee, which is in which we stay and do all of our finest thinking. We desired to write a tune about doing the most of no matter what time you’re offered — no matter whether it’s two a long time, twenty a long time or two hundred from “The Band Perry If I Die Young MP3 Download“.

We actually have gotten to reside and like at our young ages. ‘If I Die Young,’ for us, is about if it all ends at this moment, seem at what we’ve gotten to do. What ever time we’re given will be absolutely enough as extended as we make the most of it.

2010 has been a whirlwind year for Kimberly Perry and her two siblings in The Band Perry. The group’s existing hit, “If I Die Youthful,” just arrived at Number one at US region radio and the band was in Canada playing a particular indicate for a Calgary radio station when they found out they’d also been nominated for a Grammy. ” ‘If I Die Young’ is a song about contentment. I wrote it on a cloudy day in East Tennessee exactly where I do my best contemplating,” Kimberly tells American Songwriter on the “SEO Forum“. 

“It was a moment in time when I seemed around and said – even although I’m only 27, I’ve gotten to live and love so fully. I’ve made the most of my minutes and as extended as I continue to, what ever time I shell out on the planet will be just sufficient. It’s a tune about life more than demise like “Micro Niche Finder“. A lullaby.” Jimmy Harnen, the president of The Band Perry’s document label, Republic Nashville, says he knew the song was special when he very first heard it. “I have generally been a person that is 1st attracted to the voice and the melody of a song. 

The first time I heard ‘If I Die Young,’ Kimberly’s voice just stopped me in my tracks. It was country with a touch of rock…and so complete of soul and honesty. I was instantaneously drawn in. I was also just blown absent by the melody. The song was so refreshing and so cutting edge and still it felt so promptly acquainted. Lyrically, nicely there was nothing at all like it. ‘Funny when you’re dead how people today get started listens.’ How sadly genuine is that? It is a magnificent song hands down.”

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