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The Supremacy Of Cloud Computers Over Fading Technologies

14 August 2011 No Comment

Cloud software is a brand new technology and does have many flaws. Without looking just at the downsides, it’s more worth looking at the positives. Using a cloud computing platform has a number of great advantages. Because of these advantages it means that companies are looking more and more to adopt cloud computing for internet presence and infrastructure. Hosting companies, similarly are now also building their products around cloud software.

Scalability wise, there is no need to scramble a team to source, setup and then commission a new cloud vps when you suddenly get a massive pick up of business. Just like weeks later, you do not need to take the new hardware out of service as there has been a fall in demand again. Just sit back and relax instead and add and remove capacity as and when you see fit. Cloud computing uses a pricing model based on consumption. Thus companies only have to pay for what they have used, which is the downside with dedicated servers.

Implementation of a cloud engine is easy, without the need to purchase extra hardware, software licences or setup costs. Meaning that a company can use a cloud computing platform for a lot less than that of a similar on site solution. This streamlines your time and money by being able to have accurate forecasts of costs.

Having skilled professionals at your finger tips is important with any new technology that becomes popular. With these new technologies large vendors will offer customers a quality service. The solution is large enough to be able to supply datacentres with endless amounts of storage and computing power.

There is also increased control over internal resources. You are able to give the responsibility of looking after your equipment to another company. There is also then less staff training to think about. Using a third party cloud management system solves lots of problems.

You will enjoy increased quality of service. You will no longer have to fix network issues yourself. Instead with cloud computing it is up to your service provider to fix the problem, and should also have an SLA in place if such an event should happen. The company should therefore respond very quickly to any problems. You will certainly sleep better at night, knowing someone is taking care of things for you.

Security is extremely important in a cloud environment. People think that because it is not just a single server with a hard disk in that it is wide open and everyone can access it. The data in fact is held securely and proven cryptographic services are used to authenticate users. If your very worried you could encrypt the data before transmitting it to a third party. This extra encryption will cause considerable increased load on your cloud instance meaning that you could end up paying alot more for the extra CPU and memory needed.

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