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Top Features and Accessories of the Sprint Evo

12 March 2011 No Comment

The Sprint Evo 4G is a revolutionary and stylish piece of technology that will give Apple’s iPhone a run for their money. Five EVO characteristics stand out above the others:

Even though it is not available in most places, people will soon have full access everywhere they go to the 4G network because it is rapidly growing. When you are nearby a 4g hot spot, the Sprint Evo’s wireless functionality will enhance your web surfing speeds dramatically compared to 3G services. The Evo is also equipped with 3G capability for those areas that haven’t made the 4G conversion yet.

Because it comes with HTC Sense, a widget that makes using all of your social sites simple, social networking has been made easy. You will be able to navigate and customize your networking into a configuration that works best for the way you like to communicate with friends and family.

The EVO’s dual camera system rewrites the rules for picture quality from a cell phone camera. This versatile tool includes an 8.0 megapixel primary camera in addition to a front facing 1.3 megapixel secondary camera. The cameras are designed for high quality pictures and video, that can then easily be updated to any of your favorite social networking sites.

High definition videos have been available online for some time, but many cell phones don’t have the memory or the processing speeds to allow comfortable high definition viewing. The Evo on the other hand has all of the right equipment for HD viewing and more. Because of the 4G speeds, users will find it very easy to stream videos without having to wait on the video to load. Not to mention that the large screen has made viewing videos a lot easier.

EVO operates on Android 2.1, which gives you easy and complete access to all of the special business and entertainment applications that Google offers. It also gives you access to the 30,000 Android applications from the Android Market. Sprint’s specialized applications, like NASCAR, gives you an even wider set of options.

Make sure to equip your device with the latest HTC Evo accessories. There is the HTC Evo case and the HTC Evo screen protector that add all of the necessary protection to your device. With all of the amazing features plus the accessories made available for it from other manufacturers, this is hands down one of the hottest devices on the market.

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