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Top Gear TomTom Go Live goes, er, live

8 October 2011 No Comment

Clarkson and Stig modes
Top Gear TomTom Go Live goes, er, live

TomTom has released a special edition of its Go Live 820 satnav that ties in with the BBC’s hugely successful Top Gear. The TomTom Go Live Top Gear Edition features a Stig mode, directions read by Jeremy Clarkson, and points of interest related to the TV show, including race tracks.

Stig mode, as you can imagine, simply mutes the directions completely (he doesn’t speak in the TV series, see what they did there?), whereas Clarkson will no doubt spend much of the time whinging about roadworks and speed limits.

In addition to Top Gear audio and graphical flourishes, the special edition satellite navigation system also comes with TomTom’s Live service for free for year, which includes TomTom HD Traffic, offering?dynamic routing and traffic information every two minutes. It provides?detailed incident reports, length of delays and reasons, travel and arrival times and alternative route proposals.

The Live service also includes updated speed camera details, including mobile units, and TomTom Weather gives both local and 5-day reports.

In addition to the Live features, the Top Gear Edition offers Bluetooth?hands-free calling, voice command, and more detailed maps than former models. It is now available in?Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the US.

Halfords will be stocking it exclusively in the UK, at an RRP of ?179.

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Top Gear TomTom Go Live goes, er, live 

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