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Top HTC Incredible Accessories

28 March 2011 No Comment

There are a great variety of new items that are being offered to make the HTC Droid even more productive. Some of the more popular items include Adapters, Batteries, Cables, Cases, Chargers, Covers, Screen Protectors and Skins. All of these have arisen due to the clamor for this new model. Featuring the latest in technological advances, designers have been able to integrate an amazing amount of new software into one portable device.

A good place to start when protecting a new phone is with a custom HTC Incredible case that will suit a particular style. With one of these protective cases, there’s no need to worry about the phone accidentally slipping from a pocket or purse. Even if this did happen, the case would provide insurance from scratching or gouging as a result of the hard contact surface. A big number of different colors and styles are available to fit many preferences. They have all been custom made in order to perfectly fit this model phone.

One great choice is the Otterbox model which provides a safe and secure solution for a mobile device. It offers a stylish exterior with the maximum in protection. The Droid Incredible will slide quite nicely into the Otterbox design. With its durable construction and self-adhering film, the case ensures that water will not penetrate the exterior and reach the phone.

Another great idea to provide security for this mobile phone is a HTC Incredible Screen Protector. The LCD display at anytime can easily be scratched by normal wear and tear, and this type of film will prevent gouging and fingerprints. With the crystal clear material, most users don’t even realize it is in place. This will ensure that the HTC Incredible will continue to enjoy a sparkling face. This is ideal for those who like to carry their phone comfortably inside a purse or pocket. There are different models available to reflect light or even offer a shade of privacy. The display is the main feature on this phone and without it; users won’t be able to use their device. This is the right answer to protect against scratches and scuffs.

One of the most common complaints among cellular phone users everywhere is the life of the battery. It seems that when it is needed most, there just isn’t enough juice left to power the phone. However, smart shoppers have discovered that there is an available solution available, and this is the backup battery that can be found at any number of reputable outlets. These models are extremely easy to use and can supply a few extra charges for the HTC Incredible — especially in those times when a connection may be critical. These small devices are now extremely efficient and they can produce the type of power necessary to finish an important call or summon help if needed. This makes it so you don’t have to carry around a charger since these small portable batteries can provide sufficient power for a recharge.

One of the new models now being offered is the Red Extended battery which was designed to match perfectly with the Incredible model. It can provide the necessary power to make use of the HTC Incredible accessories that have been developed for the Droid device. This model of extended battery and door was specially formulated with use for this model. It has a talk time of 200 minutes with a standby time of 75 hours. The battery has a capacity of 2150 mAh with a voltage of 3.7 and weighs only 33g. This can be the perfect solution for guarding against downtime.

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