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13 October 2011 No Comment

A lifetime’s Flash games at your fingertips
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Snappy name, snappy site.

At www.y8.com you’ll find more Flash games than you can possibly get through in a working lifetime, let alone a grey Thursday in October (not that we condone playing games on your boss’ time, but I guess we’re lucky – we get paid for it!).

As you cruise towards the end of the week though, you’ll likely need some light relief, so Y8 is on hand with more than 20,000 online games to keep you amused, and in some cases challenged, right through ‘til the weekend.

Oh, and they’re all free.

Our favourites are the punch-ups, including Mortal Kombat Karnage and Street Fighter Alpha. We reckon they’re great for stress relief, so if the boss does catch you at it, you can claim it’s therapeutic.

Or something.

If you fancy something a little more sedate, there’s some brilliant board games and more chess engines than you can shake a grand master at.

Game on people.

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