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What are corrugated signs?

9 July 2011 No Comment

Corrugated plastic, also known as coroplast, is very similar to corrugated cardboard except it is constructed of plastic.  It usually consists of two layers of plastic, sandwiching a section of corrugation (Square Structural tubes or flutes).  These flutes are there to add strength to a very light weight substrate.  However the corrugation (flutes) are also useful when attaching corrugated sign blanks to a variety of stands and brackets.


The beauty of Corrugated Plastic is that it is lightweight, but rigid by design. It is a very common choice for sign makers and end users alike.  The benefit of having a lightweight yet durable product is obvious.  Here I’ll discuss some of the benefits.   The first one is transport.  Large or small, many or few, the light weight of corrugated plastic is a huge plus when transporting your signs.  You can ship hundreds of corrugated plastic signs at a very low cost.   This is not possible with aluminum and other heavier sign substrates.  Not to mention that dealing with a small amount of corrugated signs is much easier than deal with some of the bulkier sign options.


Corrugated plastic is a very versatile product.  It can be used anywhere, inside or out.   It comes in several colors and can be cut to many different shapes.  You can create triangle shaped table top signs easily by cutting just one side of the plastic, and folding the corrugated plastic at this cut, forming it into a triangle or square.  It’s also possible for you to order your sign cut to shape.   For example if you are ordering a sign for a real estate business you can order your sign to be shaped like a house or an arrow.  For sporting events you can order it shaped like a baseball or a football. This is done inexpensively and can still be mounted to the numerous sign stands available for corrugated plastic.


Overall for small sized signs it is tough to beat the versatility of a corrugated plastic sign.

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