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What You Need To Know About The Blackberry Torch

20 March 2011 No Comment

If you are looking for a smartphone that is simply loaded with features galore, then you might want to take a look at the Blackberry Torch. The Torch also has a small footprint and will easily fit in most purses and pockets. At only .57 inches thick and 4.37 inches in height, the Blackberry Torch is small enough to go anywhere (and of course easy to lose as well!).

The display is about 3 inches when measured diagonally and provides crisp images on a HVGA+ 480×360 screen. This helps make navigating websites and watching videos a solid experience. With 512 MB of memory and a standard 4 GB media card, the Blackberry Torch has a lot of room for adding videos or work files that simply must go along for the ride. One fact that is sure to please users is that the 4 GB media card can be upgraded to 32 GB. The Blackberry Torch likes to fancy itself as being able to handle a great variety of task and in there is no doubt that it does. The phone comes with a built in GPS, Wi-Fi and a 5 MP camera, which can also shoot video.

You should find that the Torch performs well as a media device, as it handles most video and audio formats, ranging from MP3 and MPEG 4 to H.264 among a slew of others. So the next time you are stuck on an airplane or just waiting for one to arrive, you should have something to occupy your time.

Most savvy gadget and smartphone users have learned over the years to keep a sharp eye on battery life. You can expect around thirty hours of music playback, six hours of video playback and about five hours of talk time from the Blackberry Torch.

Whether you are using the Blackberry Torch for business or for fun, you will likely find that it has something to offer you. The deep functionality of this device and its small package combine to help make the Torch one smartphone worth considering.

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