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Which Is Better PC Gaming Or Games Consoles

4 June 2011 No Comment

If you like to play computer/video games then you may be asking the question of which is better a games console or games on the PC. This is something that you will find plenty of people have an opinion on but one thing is for sure, each side has it’s good and bad points. If you need help deciding then read on for an honest opinion of both options.


The Pros of Purchasing a Game Console


– As long as you have a game ready then you can play immediately. Some PCs will need a little bit of modifying before certain games can be played. There are a number of games that require your PC to have a specific graphics card so you will have to get this added.


– The whole point of a games console is for playing games so this is the perfect platform. A PC on the other hand does not have one specific job; it is used for many different things.


– It is just a lot more enjoyable and practical to use a game console those who prefer PC games are just a bit retentive.


The Advantages of Playing PC Games


– You are tied to one platform when you have a games console. You may find that there comes a time when manufacturers stop making games for your particular console because it has become out of date. What this means is that your console will only play old games. A PC can play most of the latest games and never goes out of date.


– With PC gaming you can build your own computer and have everything exactly as you like it. Most of the serious gamers all use PCs and view game consoles as just being for kids.


– You will probably find that it costs less to use a PC for games than it does to buy the games as well as the games console.


The above shows some of the arguments for and against each side. At the end of the day it is all about personal preferences.


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