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Why A Used Macbook Is Better Then A New One

23 February 2011 No Comment

In the event you want a used Macbook, you might want to wait for a little while longer, for Apple just announced the latest versions of their notebooks and prices are sure to go down! Moreover, there’ll be used versions of these new wonders soon enough, so if you can wait another four to eight months, you probably should.

Then again, the majority of the individuals who would purchase a used Macbook probably aren’t gonna be too concerned about getting all the newest features, anyway. But it really is a good way to do so, to get the latest without having to pay a premium.

Typically, a used model is only lightly used and nearly indistinguishable from something completely new out of the factory. In all cases such items are certified to be in working order, functionally equivalent to any that just rolled off the assembly line.

The primary reason for a used Macbook, obviously, is the price. Though generally only some ten to twenty percent less, depending, that is enough of a discount for Apple fans of limited means. And if you’re an Apple fan of limited means, you could, as mentioned at the outset, want to wait a few more months – okay, most likely about half a year – to get your hands on a used model of Apple’s latest laptops.

These new notebooks, however, will not come with any mechanical drives at all. Which means no DVD movies, and no disc-based games! The hard disk by itself is within the form of solid state flash memory, making these latest Mac Airbooks the lightest full-fledged notebooks on the market today.

In exchange for giving up such standard features, however, one saves on weight and battery life. However, for a company that almost prizes design and aesthetics above all else, these Macbook Airs have thick bezels around their screens instead of the vastly more elegant edge-to-edge glass featured on other Macbook displays.

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