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World’s first remote control black cab drives into London

15 October 2011 No Comment

Though it’s short on conversation
World's first remote control black cab drives into London. Car And GPS, Toys, Gadgets, RC Cars 0

The future is here. Images of Total Recall’s Johnny Cab abound as we take a glimpse of London’s first full-sized remote controlled taxi.

Brainchild of engineering wizard Dr. James Brighton, rather than competing with real-life taxi drivers, it marks the launch of “Driving Wars”, a brand new extreme driving show due to be shown on Dave on Wednesday, 19 October.

The team has apparently spent 2 months working on the cab, which is controlled via a hand-held console. “For a ‘gadget’ weighing just shy of 2 tonnes and capable of hitting 80mph, click-happy controllers will have a remarkable level of authority over steering control, forward and reverse gearing, a sensitive braking system and a fully proportional throttle.”

The aim of the game in driving wars is to invite the public to re-enact classic motoring moments from cinema, the RC element ensuring the drivers will avoid trips to casualty and possible death.

We’re thinking a re-enactment of the Blues Brothers police car crash scene might be nice – if the programme’s budget can stretch that far.

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